Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Our Affordable Search Engine Optimization Service is by far the most affordable SEO ANYWHERE.  At just $69.99 per month, you wont find a better price anywhere.

This is a flat rate, we do not charge per keyword, we do not charge per component.

Also, we actually TELL you what we are doing.  Some of our competitors do not tell you exactly what they have done, some will not even tell you what they have not done.

SEO | Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization prices are this low for one reason: We focus on SMALL BUSINESSES that cannot afford the higher prices offered by some of our competitors which could exceed $300 to $600 per month.  Our profit is based on volume and not following the high price trend that seems to be the norm.

Our service includes the following steps to not only ensure your website meets all requirements set by Google, Yahoo, and Bing but also we follow strict rules which prevent us from any “Black Hat” SEO practices which could blacklist your site from ever being found in any search engines.

Step 1:

  • Optimization of website coding

By utilizing our custom optimization measuring tool, we inspect 14 components of your website which are important in ensuring your page is search engine friendly. We then apply the recommended adjustments until we achieve  the highest score possible.

 14 SEO Components of your website

1. Robots-Text
2. Robots META Tag
3. Title tag
4. Meta Description Tag
5. Meta Keywords Tag
6. URL
7. Headlines

8.  Image Alt Tags
9.  Link Text
10. Body Content
11. Server Response
12. Server Fetchtime
13. Page Content-Type
14. SiteMap

Step 2:

  • Registration with Google, Yahoo & Bing

We register your website on our accounts with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  This feature is in part responsible for having your site indexed by the search engines once per week. We also inform the engines the location of your Sitemap.XML file so your inner pages get indexed, as well.

Step 3:

  • Install Google Analytics 

We list your website with Google Analytics in order to track and record traffic based on the keywords users entered in search engines.  We send this traffic report to you weekly or monthly.  We also use this traffic report to follow trends in order to determine which keywords are generating visits and allow us to adjust the keywords that are not performing well.

Step 4:

  • Search Engine and Directory daily submission 

Your site is submitted to over 300 Major Search Engines Every Single Day along with all of its Keywords and Descriptions. We submit your web site and its description to tens of thousands of online directory services based on category worldwide to create thousands of back links which reference your site. We submit your site to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to be re-indexed weekly. This keeps the search engine up to date with your site and helps it retain its current ranking.

Search Engine Optimization Actions and Benefits

Action: Optimization of website coding
Benefits: Indexed by search engines faster (information Collected).
Result: Your site will gain position ranking quicker than other competitors.

Action: Optimize Title, Description, and Keywords.
Benefits: Site will meet the search engine’s requirements.
Result: Web site will become easier to locate via search.

Action: Sitemap Created and Submitted to Major Search Engines.
Benefits: Tells Search Engines how many pages are in the site and where they can be found.
Result: Additional pages within the site will become easier to locate via search.

Action: Daily Search Engine Submission
Benefits: Informs over 300 search engines worldwide of the existence of site every day.
Result: Daily submission ensures your site climbs the ranking ladder.

Action: Weekly Indexing
Benefits: Site gets listed according to category and Keywords weekly
Result: The more often you have your site indexed the faster it climbs the ranking ladder.

Action: Create Back Links
Benefits: Creates thousands of reference points to the web site.
Result: The more references to your site that are available on the web – The higher your ranking becomes.

Our Prices

We have the most competitive rates for Search Engine Optimization

At only $69.99 per month you’ll soon discover you will not find a more affordable search engine optimization program.  We require a one-time $235 start-up fee included with your first and last month payment.  This start-up fee covers the cost of setting up our SEO system and the optimization of your site.

We offer various payment plans for your convenience. No matter which plan you choose you’ll find it’s the most affordable service ANYWHERE!